7 horrible mistakes people make when hiring a mobile mechanic and how to avoid them.

Paying for parts before the job is done.  Never pay a mobile mechanic that you just met before they have done the work.  – Many of our clients have complained about paying someone a couple to a few hundred dollars for a mechanic to go pick up parts for their automotive repair and the mechanic never came back to complete the auto repair. 

Hiring a backyard mechanic to do something harder than they weren’t prepared to finish.  Many so called mobile mechanics can change your oil or fix most cars’ brake systems, and they may be willing to take on the challenge of changing your head gaskets, but where are they getting the data to tighten your head bolts to the right torque.  Do they have the right tools for the job or are they just trying to make it work because they have agreed to do more than they were prepared.

Spotting the fly by night Mobile Mechanics – Many real mobile mechanics use craigslist ads because they are free and they generate business, but many of these advertisers don’t have their own website as well.  Another thing to look for is whether or not they accept credit cards.  Accepting credit cards is an important part of running most legitimate businesses and this is no different.  A third way to tell if they are in the mobile auto repair business is by the tools they show up to do the repair with.  A couple of things might be enough to get the oil changed, but a professional will want to be able to fix anything else you might bring up while they are there and will be prepared.

Warranty offered?  Now that we know you are hiring a professional that will likely still be in business next year, ask what kind of warranty they offer on the work they are doing.  Warranty will vary from one mobile mechanic company to another just as it will vary depending on the part of the car being fixed.  Some parts only have a 90 day warranty, whereas some brake pads may be warranted for the rest of the life of your car.

Paying by the hour instead of by the job.  Each auto repair has a specific amount of time that it should take to do.  An experienced mechanic may take less time to get the same job done versus someone who has never done the job before.  If the book says that it should take 2 hours to do the job and it takes the mobile mechanic 5 to get it done because they have to go to Autozone a couple extra times that shouldn’t end up costing you any extra.  That being said, if it only takes your mobile mechanic one hour to get your automotive repair done, you should congratulate yourself for hiring someone who is great at what they do.

Always ask if the mobile mechanic you are hiring is ASE Certified.  ASE is a national company that certifies professional mechanics as a way to distinguish between incompetent and competent automotive technicians.  Check out <a rel=”nofollow” href=””></a> for more info.  Professionals also have to continuously stay up to date on the latest in automotive technology.  There are other certifications that may be just as good, but ASE is certainly the most common.

Reviews: If there are reviews on google places, bing or yahoo, read the reviews.  Reviews are not always accurate, as competitors, friends, or even business owners themselves will sometimes post reviews in order to sway results.   If there are several reviews over a period of time, it is normally more relevant than if 8 came in within a week.  Please report your experience with what ever company you do go with to help others make more informed decisions in the future.Good luck with all of your automobile repair needs, and as always we are here to help.

Good luck with all of your automobile repair needs, and as always we are here to help.

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